Suzie Eisfelder

I emailed Blue Dragon Books, I just love their name. They sent me some photos of their shop. You can see from the photos they have a lot of books, so many that they have tubs on the floor. It’s nice and tidy, though, so you can’t be squashed by enormous piles of books falling on you. I have been in a bookshop with piles like that, but this shop looks much safer.

Along with the photos they sent me a few words. These tell me that they understand books and they understand that sometimes the books find the reader.

Cozy bookshop, packed full of books with more being added every day. A bookshop where you can hopefully find something on the shelf you never knew you wanted till it found you.

You can see their website, or visit their shop in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Shop C, 11 Ross St Glenbrook NSW 2773.

  1. I love this book shop.
    The blurb is right, the book chooses you and not the other way around.
    The owners, Mark and Diane are friendly and helpful. I highly recommend a visit if you happen to visit the lower blue mountains. Sydney siders this is a must-visit.

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