Suzie Eisfelder
December 12, 2014
Pratchett at Elwood
Why do you think I’m obsessed with Terry Pratchett? I don’t understand that thought you’re having…
Setting up
The book guy at Elwood Primary School Market was thrilled to the back teeth when I took photos of his stock while he was setting up. He happily told the next person who came to talk to him he’d be on the internet. He’s got a good selection of books and is quite approachable. As he’s in the hall you’ll find him there every market. Elwood Primary runs their market the first Saturday morning of the month during term time.
Title Book shop
I was doing a demo in Brunswick this week, walking to get ice I found this book shop. Called Title you can find them in Fitzroy, Brunswick, two locations in Sydney and also one in Brisbane. They always have a lovely display.
    1. I don’t know of many where you are but I have friends who will be happy to sell online to you. I should do an article including their links so you can go straight to them.

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