Written by

Suzie Eisfelder
February 19, 2016

For the first time in a very long time I have nothing for you for Friday Photos. My notes tell me this is number 121 in the Friday Photos regime which is well over two years. I’m very busy being busy without much time to go shopping or visit places or whatnot.

So, what am I doing that leaves me no time for photos?

Well, I’m doing a little bit of nothing getting ready for University. Classes start in a couple of weeks and I’ve found my book list, I have my timetable so I know I have classes on Mondays and Thursdays. I still have to get to one or two days of O Week (Orientation Week) to make sure I know my way around to ensure I don’t get lost too often. I need to get my Concession Myki, now I have a Student Card I’m entitled and it means I can travel on public transport at a reduced price. I’m hoping they’ll let me use old copies of books as one of my textbooks has been on my shelf for many, many years; it’s The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K le Guin and I’m looking forward to seeing how we’re going to be studying this book.

I’m also working hard on the history of my synagogue. I’m interviewing as many people as I possibly can before Uni starts, this means I’ve interviewed five people in two days, last week I spoke to seven. There are still so many more to go, the 40+ people I’ve spoken to are just the tip of the iceberg. I have lots of video and audio recordings which will need transcribing, thank goodness I have a volunteer to help. I’ve volunteered someone with more time to scan memorabilia and that’s happening at a much faster rate than when I was doing it, the scans are also coming out looking much better than mine.

I’m also trying to get a lot done around the house and garden to ensure there’s less to do later on. I’ve been mulching all the garden beds and I notice the soil underneath is already a lot better, it’s holding the water much more than before so I’m able to scale back the watering on those parts. The job is only half done so I’m hoping to fit in rest before Uni.

I’m also setting up a bedroom as my study, not just for uni study but also for my writing and also for writing the history. Thanks to DD who moved out last year I finally have a room I can use for me. As part of this I found out why parts of the room hadn’t been vacuumed for such a long time, the bed was so, so hard to move I can understand why no-one had tried. It wasn’t just the lack of room but just the intractability of the bed.

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