Written by

Suzie Eisfelder
June 1, 2015

This is part of my loot from Nullus Anxietas V, I was a little apprehensive when I saw it in my bag and I really only warmed to it in the last few pages. I suspect it’s out of print so if you like what I have to say I wish you luck getting hold of a copy, I can only find a handful of pre-loved copies and no new ones.

Point Fantasy: Foiling the Dragon by Susan Price
Point Fantasy: Foiling the Dragon by Susan Price

It’s a fairly ordinary book. Paul Welsh is a pub poet and he’s got an ego the size of a house. One night a strange girl sees him spouting poetry in a pub and takes him back to her world where he has to rhyme for the dragon or risk being eaten.

Nicely written with the odd phrase that stands out and I’d stop to reread in pleasure. It both creates enigmas and tidies up some real world dilemmas about poets. There’s one thing that really made me sit up and laugh but that’s only in the last few pages and I musn’t give spoilers.

One part which shows off Price’s good writing also gives spoilers and while I’m tempted to tell you specifically I’ll be good and couch it in veiled terms. There are hints and descriptions within the pages of this book which really only made proper sense when one piece of information is finally revealed, they look superfluous at the time but we find out they’re really specific pointers.

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