Judging by the date of publication this these books have been on my shelf for five years. Not too bad by my standards. I don’t remember where or when I met Petrie and bought some of his books but they’ve proved to be a good buy.

What you’ve got here is two books in one. They’re in the old-style science fiction type I have on my shelf. If you hold it one way you get one book and if you flip it the other way you get the other. I should pull them all together and do a video so you understand properly. This is the first I’ve seen in a long time, I suspect they went out of fashion.

I found Flight 404 to be rather stolid fare. I persevered and the rewards came in the last few pages so I can’t tell you anything for spoilering type purposes. This was one of the books I almost put down unfinished. I persevered only as the protagonist is trans and I’ve not read many novels with trans characters. I’ve read a few autobiographical books by trans people and while they’re good an interesting it’s not quite the same as fiction. It turned out to be worth it in the end.

And as for The Hunt for Red Leicester? I do love a good Gordon Mamon Mystery and this one almost had me rolling down the hill just as they’ve been doing in Gloucester for over 200 years. My Dad would have loved it and would have repeated the puns to us ad nauseum.

Puns abound, if you don’t believe me buy it here and read it for yourself. The end was a surprise to me but it turned out I was distracted by figuring out the puns and forgot to keep an eye on the clues.

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