Suzie Eisfelder
October 3, 2011

Yesterday I was part of a flash mob.  It wasn’t a large mob but it was fun and I’m exhausted.  We were advertising the Fourth Australian Discworld Convention, we had our first batch of flyers and were off to advertise!

You can find some details of the organising of the flash mob here and more information will be forthcoming about future flash mobs both there and also on the Facebook page.  I’d like to share photos with you but they’re top secret.  The video is so top secret we didn’t take one, it might be because I was singing and that’s a sound you don’t want to hear.

Anyway, we gathered at Federation Square, sat down for our cups of cocoa (AKA hot chocolate or coffee) and flexed our lungs for our first rendition of “A Cup of Tea is Just as Good”.  I didn’t ask where the words came from and I’m not sure I want to know.  It has been set down in The Black Ribboner Songbook which will be auctioned off at Nullus Anxietas IV in 2013. If you want to look at it you’ll have to attend the convention.

We dressed up as incognito Black Ribboner’s, some were less incognito than others, pinned on black ribbons with our motto of Not 1 Drop and besieged various shops, trying to act as humans.  Some of the shop assistants were more puzzled than others and others were quite happy to be involved, although none of them joined our singing.  We still didn’t do a video though, be grateful, my singing truly is challenging…one day I’ll write about my Dad and his singing…I have his skills.

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