Suzie Eisfelder
October 28, 2016
Fight Like A Girl – Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford’s ‘Fight Like A Girl’ is a fantastic read, as well as an exceedingly brutal read. Ford uses her trademark no nonsense prose to clearly explain the horrors – there really is no other word for it – that women and girls face every single day, from the threat of murder and domestic violence, to the endless subtle and not-so-subtle ways in which our society is geared towards devaluing the contribution of women. Even as a proud and (I thought) well-informed feminist ally, I’ve been left feeling like I knew absolutely nothing about feminism and the overwhelming odds that that women face before I picked up this book. This is one of a handful of books that I know is going to stay with me forever, and – IMO – should be required reading. For everyone.

Chuck McKenzie was born in 1970, and still spends most of his time there. His past exploits include the sort of things that look great on a CV.

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