Suzie Eisfelder
December 17, 2013

I think I’m just going to declare December a debacle month, if it can go wrong then it probably will. You know about the internet and electricity problems because I mentioned them a couple of weeks ago, I’m still trying to get the garage door opener fixed, well, Sunday night I broke my website completely. It’s a very good lesson in why we should do backups before upgrading anything. You guessed it, I didn’t do a backup, if I had the problem would have been solved in a few minutes and no-one would have known.

The details, just because I can.

My dashboard suggested I needed to upgrade my shopping cart so I did. The next step is to activate the plugin and that’s when the whole thing broke. No-one could access the homepage, I couldn’t access the dashboard but I could get into my cPanel over on my webhost…sometimes. Working on some advice from my shopping cart people I renamed the folder containing the shopping cart and hey presto everything is back to normal but minus the shopping cart.

Deep breath and relax.

Now I need to reinstall an old version of the shopping cart. There isn’t one available on the web and I don’t appear to have kept a copy on my computer. Clever but not a disaster or even a debacle as I have been planning on changing shopping carts for a few weeks, I’ve been hoping to put off swapping until winter when I expect I’ll have more time to do the work and that would give me plenty of time for research. Anyone looking to buy part-work magazines through me won’t find a shopping cart full of them, I’ll put a message up top that things will be back to whatever passes for normal in due course and that any buyers should email me directly.

Bananagrams Giveaway

It turned out we had three winners and with only two prizes I had to do as promised and throw the words at people until they caught two only. The words were:

  • Transportability
  • Irresponsibility
  • Uncopyrightables

All three words are in the dictionary, although the last one is a legal term I did find it eventually. I wrote each one on a separate piece of paper, folded them the same and threw them at my DD who finally managed to catch two of them. Well done to Sally and Emily for their words of transportability and irresponsibility, your prizes should be on their way.

As this was so much fun I’m thinking of instituting a similar game on my Facebook page using a points system. I’m thinking of allocating points for long words, unusual words and then points at random. Only the points allocated at random will be discussed, all others will not be up for discussion. There will be a minor prize once a month and a major prize once a year. As I haven’t made any proper decisions about the prizes I’m not announcing them as yet.

Thank you to all those who entered, you made it fun.


You might possibly, vaguely, have noticed there’s no Mondayitis today. Having lost yesterday I decided I didn’t want to keep people waiting for the results of the competition. I might do Mondayitis tomorrow or I might leave it until next week, I’ll make a decision as I go through the day.

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