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I’m so excited to write about Dandy-Con I almost lost my ability to word good. Set at the fabulous Dandnong Library at 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong. I attended on the 27th April which is not that long ago. This might have been their second convention, with the first being held in 2019 (and we all know about the lost years after that) and the second one in 2024.

Super cool fun.

Held in the library, so I got a buzz just walking in. You may know by now that I hold libraries in high esteem. The people who work in them are just awesome. Having wandered around all the stalls, looking carefully and talking to all my friends, I then found a real life librarian who actually works at Dandenong Library. I had questions which were asked before I even voiced them, are librarians psychic, or something? By the time I walked away from her I’d signed up as a member. That excited me more. I’ve picked up a goal to be a member of as many libraries as possible. Not only that, but every person who joins a library increases their numbers and makes it more likely the library will stay open.

Not all libraries are the same. They have a different range of books. Not just physical books but books in all sorts of categories. And books in all sorts of languages. Dandenong is a very multicultural area, the smells coming from the restaurants and cafes in the area were fantastic.

I missed the Cosplay Competition. It’s not something I’m terribly interested in, but it is always good to see the costumes, so I was definitely looking around the library to see some great talent.

I also missed booking in for any of the free workshops. Apparently you need to book for any of the workshops and you also need to be a member to book. Thank heavens membership is free! I missed every single workshop but managed to speak to the people running drawing workshops and also writing workshops. South East Gaming ran Dungeons & Dragons Workshops, I looked at this from afar. But I did have a few words with the Funfit Drop-In Circus Space. That looks fun for people who want to improve their co-ordination.

I’d like to say all the usual suspects (friends of mine) were there, but I’d be lying. Clockwork Colt had their usual array of steampunk goodies to buy. I did wander past Critical Hit and Headspace, always good for a look. Headspace does some valuable work with youth and their mental ill-health. I also spent a bit of time with Starfleet USS Southern Cross and the Victorian Discworld Klatch because I don’t see these people nearly enough.

The lady at Connected Libraries tried to talk me into making a badge. I didn’t fall for that ploy and we talked instead. Dandenong Library is part of the Greater Dandenong library network, while Connected Libraries services a different area. I loved that both library networks work together to make things better for everyone. It’s the old saying ‘better together’, or the other old saying ‘united we stand’.

If I’ve raved enough about some of the things that were on offer either to buy or join in on then you might want to talk to your local library about holding a mini-convention. Other libraries are starting to join in the fun, so why not yours? If you live in the area you can check out the Greater Dandenong Libraries to see what else they have to offer. Once you’ve joined there are many good things you can do at home, this includes downloading the Libby App and reading all your favourite magazines.

    1. No, I’m sad I missed it. I wouldn’t have been there anyway thanks to covid. I’ve passed on the details to others so we might be there next time

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