Written by

Suzie Eisfelder
December 26, 2013

Just because I have not taken the time to do any research and actually find something useful to talk about I’m just going to ramble, I’ll try not to bore you too long.

Yesterday I spent some time taking specific photos. After the successful Bananagrams giveaway I decided I might run a regular competition on Facebook. It seems people like word games of this nature so why not do them regularly. I have some ideas about rules but I reserve the right to add or subtract points more or less at random and only these ‘random’ points will be debatable.

I took 53 photos of randomly generated tiles from Bananagrams. Very random, I put the tiles on the table and grabbed a handful or two spending a bit of time mixing them up in between. The photos will be uploaded to Facebook one a week on a Monday morning and you’ll have a week in which to put in your answers. You may be awarded points for the same word if the time stamp shows you putting them up at the same time. Points will be accrued on a monthly and then yearly basis to find a winner at the end of each month and then a major winner at the end of the year.

Prizes are still being contemplated. They may be as small as a card sent to your postal address (anywhere in the world) or as large as a parcel. Not yet certain about annual winners and how I’d get a parcel to you as the cost of postage can be rather prohibitive which explains why many competitions in Australia state for ‘Australian residents only’. I do have ideas but nothing concrete as yet. Yes, winners will have to provide a postal address to be able to receive their prizes.

The first photo should go up on Monday morning, just to give you something to do over the New Year. Share and enjoy!

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