Suzie Eisfelder
August 8, 2016
Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Valentine de Landro
Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Valentine de Landro

I’m so over committed I’m finding it hard to fit in enough time for reading. I’ve currently run out of books I’ve read to scribble a few words about and am showing you one of my university novels instead. Next week I have an anthology of fantasy short stories which I’ll be finishing tonight.

This is rather out of my normal reading matter and there’s a reason for that. My university subjects direct me to read books I’d not otherwise consider and this graphic novel is one of them. It’s well worth reading and the warning is that it’s rated M, it has violence, sex themes and swearing, nudity and is not recommended for young, impressionable people. Let me explain but there will be spoilers as I can’t figure out how to write this without. If you want to read the book first then I suggest you go now.

Bitch Planet is science fiction and satire. It’s set some time in the future when the world has changed drastically, men have completely taken over and if any women misbehaves they are sent to Bitch Planet (also described as Auxillary Compliance Outpost, don’t you just love weasel words). It is an actual planet so if any female does the wrong thing they can’t get back unless a man specifically requests it and goes through all the right channels and even then it might not happen. Just like being sent to Australia as a convict, very unlikely to get out alive but unlike Australia, unlikely to ever complete a sentence.

The women don’t get a break, even when it looks as if they’re being given one the people in charge don’t play by the rules. The women in charge have been brainwashed and oppress those on the inside.

It’s a very important book to read  as it highlights how one faction of society can oppress another.  It points to a very dysfunctional society. The writing is really good and the artistry is also good, I’m impressed with both. I’m sure I’ll be even more impressed once I’ve studied it.

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