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Suzie Eisfelder
September 14, 2015

I was very proud to be gifted this by Susan May herself, very proud, I love a good short story and what I didn’t realise was just how good these short stories would be. There are just six in here and each one has a catch I wasn’t really expecting.

I read them in Israel, putting them on my iPad was an absolute genius and I’m not convinced I slept well that night, how much was due to the superb writing and how much due to travelling I don’t know but the writing really is worth it.

I don’t dare give you too many details or you’ll complain of spoilers but I will say a few things about them. They are very dark and each one has a few words about the why of the story, what caused her to write that story and I think some of it must have been very cathartic. When I completed my practice exam in English the other day I suspect I was channeling one of the stories in this book, it’s set in a cooking competition just like Master Chef – the hook in this story is both dark (aren’t they all?) and understated with all of the terror in only a couple of succinct paragraphs.

You can follow May on GoodReads or have a glance at her website.

  1. Thanks for sharing Suzie. I’ve read both of Susan’s novels (perhaps the first was classified as a novella, I’m not sure) and enjoyed them both.

    I’m glad you enjoyed this!

    1. You’re most welcome. I’m not sure I managed to convey just how much I enjoyed them but I certainly gave it a go.

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