Around the traps…part something

Suzie Eisfelder

Something I used to do in the dim, dark past i.e. before I started studying at university, was to write an occasional article about what was happening in the book industry. I’ve had a couple of interesting things come across my desk recently so I’m going to share some of those with you today.

2020 Regional Small Grants Program

Supported by The Grace Marion Wilson Trust

These are small grants given to regional writing groups. literary organisations and arts organisations within Victoria. They’re only giving $880 so your programme is going to be small. I only wish there were a Discworld fan club in one of the regions it covers. I have a couple of ideas that would work only a little outside that budget. But I can’t enter as I live in Melbourne, you can only enter if you’re a regional member of Writers Victoria. And the activity must take place before December 2020. For more details click here but apply soon.

Library Programming for Teens Goes Virtual During Covid-19

While this is aimed at teenagers in America it never hurts to look and see what they’re doing. There are all sorts of activities planned included trivia nights and scavenger hunts. If you’re responsible for a teenager then just have a look at it here. I’m finding it’s giving me ideas for things to bring bloggers together.

Discworld – coming to a screen near you

Everyone has ideas on how the Discworld books should be brought to the screen, some of those ideas are better than others. What’s happened here is that Narrativia, the totally independent production company which was launched by Sir Terry Pratchett in 2012 has struck new deals. With both Motive Pictures and Endeavor Content this should prove to bring some absolutely stunning Discworld screen adaptations. Read more here and drool.

CCNY’s Publishing Certificate Program Faces the Pandemic

Another thing happening in America. This looks to be a fabulous programme whereby they train people to work in the publishing industry. They are particularly placed to attract students of colour. They expect to have 30 students matriculating for the 2019-2020 year despite the coronavirus outbreak. They have moved all classes online and the PCP faculty has revised its syllabi for online teaching. Read more here.

Local bookshops are awesome

Just a little plug for local bookshops. During this time when they’ve had to shut their doors you can generally still find them open. You may need to find their phone number or their website but many of them are still working. I put in an order for a book with my local bookshop the other day and one of the staff delivered it personally later that day. Free delivery with a smile. I’ve spent a lot of money at Benn’s Books over the years, all of my early Terry Pratchett books were bought there, many birthday presents for the kids and books just because I was bored (side note: I haven’t been bored since joining the committee of the Australian Discworld Convention in 2004).

That’s just a few things that I’ve noticed today. There’s so much happening in the publishing world despite so much closing down or being put on hold. When this is over and we start to find a new normal I wonder how many authors will be looking to publish the books they’ve written during self-isolation.

    1. That is just a smidgeon of every day happenings. The bookshops might be closed to customers and the libraries might be closed but everything is just soooooo busy!

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