Apocalypse 3: Diary of a Survivor by Matt J Pike

Suzie Eisfelder

Today is the day I cheat and I do it with purpose in mind. I finished Apocalypse 3: Diary of a Survivor and Apocalypse 4: Diary of a Survivor some days ago. I then breathed a huge sigh of relief and tried to put both of them from my mind. It’s been so much easier on my psyche since finishing the books because they are well written, but they’re set virtually in my backyard. I’m in Melbourne and they’re set in Adelaide. I’m going to Adelaide in July with thankfulness because I’ll have people in my car. I won’t be alone and driving into Adelaide won’t be quite so hard for me. I will be remembering the books and trying to set the images from the books over the top of what I’m actually seeing.

Bearing in mind the world was turned upside down in these books because a comet hit Earth. There’s been a lot of research about what the place would have been like if a major comet hit the planet. This includes the theory that a lot of ash would have been hanging in the sky, long enough for much wildlife to have been wiped out. This is what happens in these four books. They span about a year since the comet hit and the ash piles are so big that they can be used as hiding spaces. Of course, some of the ash piles hide cars and other, much larger, vehicles.

Each book looks at a different aspect of life after comet. The first focusses on what survives the comet and how to cope in the first few weeks. There’s some introspection and some turning off as the world of hurt is just too big to cope with. The second looks at the next load of hurt as his girlfriend dies and the world of hurt becomes far too big so his brain virtually turns off for a while, then he really starts thinking about the future. The third looks at what might happen when there are little pockets of people in various parts of Adelaide and what that might look like. The fourth book is all about making proper plans for the future, sometimes you need to be really ruthless in order to be able to set up a society.

If you like your books really dark then this would be a good choice for you. And with four books you won’t be short of reading matter for a week or two.

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