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Suzie Eisfelder
August 1, 2013

It’s that time when I up sticks and desert everyone, I’m doing it quite deliberately and on purpose. The OH has a conference in Boston and has asked me to go too, I can’t tell you how fast I was to agree. We’ll be spending a week in Boston, then travelling down the East Coast ending up in Texas before a quick stop in LA and then home again. I have been working hard writing as I don’t want to leave the blog blank for that time I have scheduled articles for Mondayitis on Tuesdays and something special on Thursdays, there may be more as internet access allows, I’m sure I’ll have something to write about. We’ll be doing a lot of sightseeing and a lot of visiting friends and relatives…mostly relatives as most of my American friends aren’t close enough to the places we’re visiting. I’ve been exceedingly fortunate to find myself with two guest posts for Mondayitis and another about Jasper Fforde for August, I hope you come back and read both Olga’s and Emily’s writing, they have more talent than I.

I’m constantly amazed by the size of America, the movies talk about road trips and driving from one coast to another but the distances involved are pretty big, if you follow this link you’ll find a map of America superimposed onto a map of Australia, for my non-Australian readers, if you look down the bottom you’ll find a little island, head north to the mainland and that’s where I am, just on the coast. Heading from east to west in Australia you’re going from Brisbane to Perth a distance of 2,701 miles or 4,347 km which equates to about 1 day and 21 hours worth of driving time. I know things are different in the States as there is a much larger population but here in Australia this is what’s known as “a big deal”. By the time you take out breaks so you don’t fall asleep at the wheel, sleeping breaks and meal breaks it becomes a lot bigger, factor into that the vast distances between towns of sometimes two or three hours driving at the speed limit of 110 km/h (or about 68m/h) and you might be getting some idea of the challenges you’re up for if you drive these large distances in Australia. You need to make sure you have enough petrol in the car, enough food and water and some ideas of what to do in an emergency, bear in mind part of this trip is through a desert. All this means we can’t say “Road Trip!” and hop in the car, there has to be a fair amount of planning put into a trip like this. Now I’m waiting for my reader with family in Perth to come on here and correct me!

I’ve spent a bit of time tidying things up, entering business cards into my phone, putting books and games on my ipad and talking to family and friends over there to tee up meetings, would hate to get there and find them out of town as I’d neglected to tell them I was coming.

I leave today and will be back on the 2nd September. It’s going to be a fun and busy journey.

  1. wow! I wish I’d known about this trip in advance!
    On the other hand – how is it possible for Brissy to Perth to be under 2 days’ driving time? When I moved to Sunny Melbourne, the bus took three days (constant driving except for meal breaks). Brisbane’s further away. I’m thinking it would take 4 days at least to drive from Perth to Brisbane.

  2. See! I knew you’d have something to say. I was doing a lot of guestimating without the knowledge to back it up as I’ve never done the trip. It’s good to have you come in to add some knowledge.

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