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January 9, 2014

It’s just fascinating the people you meet online, for some reason I tend to meet a lot of authors…can’t think why. Cassandra Webb has a new book coming out and kindly consented to write a few words for me. Say hello to Cas!

New Years Reading Resolutions.

So the kids are in bed, it’s 10.15 and the early ‘family friendly’ version of the local fireworks has just stopped driving my dogs mad. Time to put my thoughts to something more exciting than the loud party brewing next door – books and the new year.

New Years Reading Resolution One:

Discover one Indie published book a month that I simply LOVE, buy it, read it, share it and then gift the book on.

One of my recent adventures has been into Independent Publishing or Indie for short. This covers from authors who have contracted a printer and amassed boxes of books in their garage to authors like me who have ventured onto Amazon. There are two sides to Indie publishing that have been particularly on my mind lately. One is that there are a lot of Indie published books out there and a whole lot less ways for them to wind up in mainstream locations like book shops and libraries. The other is that ANYONE can become Indie published. Finding a spelling slip or a typo is something you have to be able to read past in most Indie published books, but beyond that finding something you personally enjoy, a really ‘good’ story, can be hard. Let’s face it this can be hard even in a library or book shop of traditionally published books.


It’s the second part of this resolution that is truly amazing and can be added to any kind of book related activity.  There is an astonishing amount of power in sharing something, especially a book you really enjoyed and think that others will enjoy.

Top ten ways to share a book you love.

  1. Review it, for example on Amazon and Goodreads – too obvious isn’t it?
  2. Use the ‘recommend’ function on Goodreads.
  3. Add the Goodreads recently read widget to your website.
  4. Read publicly. Read at the coffee shop or on the bus, blatantly carry the book around. Let others see you reading and enjoying the book.
  5. Snap a photo of you and the book you’re loving onto Instagram (insert multiple other social media options).
  6. Once you’ve read it gift a copy to the local library or school.
  7. When you purchase the sequel tell the book shop what you thought of book one. If they know what’s good about the book then they will be better able to direct other customers to it.
  8. Add books you love to your list of possible Christmas presents.
  9. If you’re really into a book post updates on facebook (consider saying *spoiler alert*! I’m reading chapter 10 of … and if so and so doesn’t kiss such and such I will just scream!)
  10. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, be honest without being cruel (if you didn’t like the book) or ‘selling’ the book (if you loved it).

New Years Reading Resolution Two:

 Read with my daughter for ½ an hour every night.

I’ve always enjoyed reading with my daughter, but after the birth of my son the structure went out the window. I’d like to get back into this routine. But it’s more than just reading to her, this resolution is about finding great books that she connects to and loves and wants me to read!

New Years Reading Resolution Three:

Join a reading challenge. This one by BookedOut  is fantastic because it will challenge me to read works in genres that I don’t normally touch. And it’s only 12 books a year. I can do that! I hope.

I’ll be reading, and selling my own work, on the Gold Coast on the 22nd of March, and if you happen to come along to the Indie Authors Down Under event I’d love to see you and hear about your reading resolutions too.

Kemla by Cassandra Webb
Kemla by Cassandra Webb

This is the event: Indie Authors Downunder

And this is me: Cassandra Webb



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