An Orderly Man – Dirk Bogarde

Here’s the description from the back of the book, there’s a reason I’m putting this in. For over fifteen years the film star Dirk Bogarde has been living in an old farm house in Provence. Covering this period in his life, An Orderly Man – the third outstanding volume of his autobiography – is written […]

Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself – Alan Alda

I’m presuming you’ve heard of Alan Alda so I won’t say much about his background apart from dropping the rather broad hint of M*A*S*H, a programme I’ve loved for more years than I care to think about, a programme I’ve watched so many episodes…repeatedly. This book is some of Alda’s speeches he’s given. As the star of M*A*S*H  […]

Gullible’s Travels – Billy Connolly

Just for something completely different I had a read of Gullible’s Travels by Billy Connolly. It’s not quite the same as watching him recount the same stories on TV but it’s not too bad. Connolly seems to write the same way he interviews, by the seat of his pants, and that helps to give the […]

How’s Andy Going? – Alan Marshall

Alan Marshall is one of our national treasures, and if he isn’t he should be. He’s one author everyone should read as he’s written so much about Australian life. Born in 1902 in country Victoria he contracted polio at the age of six. He was put through the wringer with treatment and ended up on […]

The Last Train Out – Eric Eckstein

The Last Train Out is a very moving and important book about the Holocaust, it contains many details which help the average person understand why so many Jews didn’t leave Germany before and during WWII and why so many of the older generations stayed behind when the younger generations left. It’s a long book at […]

Farmer Boy – Laura Ingalls Wilder

When I was young I read a series of books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder, reading a whole series back then wasn’t quite as easy for me as it is now. I had to either borrow from the library, track them down at a second hand book shop or hope someone would buy them for me […]

The Drums Go Bang – Ruth Park and D’Arcy Niland

Ruth Park and D’Arcy Niland are both Australian national treasures. You’ve probably read more by Park than Niland as she lived longer but both were equally good. Somehow they could take the quintessential Australian and put them into words. Niland’s The Shiralee is incredibly reminiscent of the Australian outback life, he spent much time observing these […]

Zachor I remember Will you? – Vera Freiden with Kathy Kaplan and Sue Newton

This book is a moving account of one person’s survival during and following the Holocaust. I had the honour of proofreading it before publishing. Born in Žilina, Slovakia in 1929, Freidin was brought up in a loving family and somehow managed to survive the Holocaust even managing to return home and then to school topping the class. She is bright and […]

Tumble Turns – Shane Gould

Shane Gould blazed her way into sporting history, breaking eleven world swimming records and winning five Olympic medals in Munich in 1972, yet her career lasted just three years. At 13, she became a household name; at 16, she retired and almost disappeared. From her beginnings as a swimming prodigy up to the present, Tumble […]

Body and Soul – Anita Roddick

What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur? That’s probably the best question one can have on one’s lips when heading into a book such as this. I’ve read a lot of books about successful businesses and successful businessmen but this is the first I’ve read about a successful businesswoman and the only person I see […]