Writing Gloves

Suzie Eisfelder

I have been offered all sorts of things as freebies if only I write about them on my blog. I’m really careful about what I accept as it has to make sense within the general theme of the blog. I jumped when the email came through to receive a pair of free gloves and write about the experience.

My hands get so cold on the computer that I already wear fingerless gloves. If you’ve seen me you would know my old pair is very colourful with stripes of many colours. These are also falling apart as I’ve been wearing them so long. I did buy another pair which look fabulous as they resemble paws but they don’t work so well for typing as there is too much material between the fingers. They’d be great for reading as they keep the hands nice and warm leaving the fingertips free for turning pages.

The problem is typing. My wrist on my right hand gets very cold, it’s been a problem for me since the 1980s when I had a data entry job. Not much of a problem in summer but winter I get dreadfully sore. Last year my left hand started to get a bit cold. I do have a second stripey fingerless glove but discovered I couldn’t wear that on my left hand as there’s too much material between the fingers. Does that sound familiar?

When I received the email I wondered if this would solve my problem. The answer is yes and no. These writing gloves are more like mittens. As you can see in the photo they have no fingers or even half fingers so I reckon they’re fingerless mittens. Whatever you call them they’re an improvement on both of the options I already had. Not entirely solved but certainly better.

If you look at the photo again you’ll notice how far up the arm they go. It’s a good distance for someone like me. And then you might also notice I’ve got it turned down on my left hand. It seems I can’t get used to too much material surrounding my fingers while I’m typing. I suspect it might stretch as I use it and I’ll then be able to unfold it for more warmth.

Other things. I fix one problem and notice another. Isn’t it always the way? Wearing these for the first time I notice my thumb gets cold. Which thumb? My left thumb, of course. We talk about people being ten fingered typists, in reality it’s nine fingers. The left thumb just sits there doing nothing…and getting cold. Although some people might argue that it’s eight finger and one thumb typing, I’ll let them be pedantic.

Where can you buy them? Go to Literary Book Gifts and have a squizz at the list of colours they have available. I did suggest having the colours actually visible would be useful but this hasn’t happened to date. That is one of the reasons I took my own photo so you could see my lovely electric blue ones. I promise you I wasn’t thinking of the song by Icehouse, nor am I listening to the song as I type…much.

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