Suzie Eisfelder
April 14, 2017

Why am I writing yet more thoughts on this? Because I’ve got another short story in for publication. This one I had no time so I ignored my rules and submitted without having it edited. This is something I deeply regret, truly. Although they’re still publishing it and sent it back to me with some structural edits. It’s a funny thing. These suggested edits highlighted some major holes in various parts of the piece which I only saw after it was sent back to me.

This is why editing is important. You need someone else to help you see the holes, the big problems that, when fixed, can make the piece ever so much better. And it’s entirely possible for the editor to miss these holes but having their red highlights all over your piece can make you look at it differently.

And while I’m on about colour. I was watching a friend highlighting specifics throughout her novel and I now understand much more why she was doing this. Her reasoning was because it’s easier to see the various specifics but I’m wondering how much the colour has to do with finding the holes. It was very boring work, she complained.

Part of my degree is learning how to edit your own work, other people’s work and also learning how to crit other works. I know, I’m using jargon again. Crit is short for critique and it’s what every work needs to become a better piece. I’ve spent the last few weeks critting my partners’ pieces and next week it’s my turn. I’ve just put up my piece for critting and on Wednesday I get to sit while they pull my heart to shreds. Actually, my words, but for some people it’s the same thing. But to be honest I want to know what I’ve missed out. Have I got the descriptions right? Have I written enough imagery? Have a left enough to the reader’s imagination? I find out on Wednesday, not just from my partners but also the teacher. And when this piece is submitted I’ll be wondering where I can send it for publication. Assuming I can, there might be too many references to other writers. Or it might not be good enough. There is always the chance I’m a two short story author and that I can’t write anything more for publication.

For the record. When you’re finally doing what you’ve wanted to do for far too many decades it’s interesting how it effects your health. I’ve had high blood pressure for years and I’ve medicated it as the doctor wanted me to, I’ve tried to lose weight and do some exercise but that’s a lot harder than taking a tablet. I’ve been feeling a little off colour recently and when I went to the doctor for more medication promptly rolled up my sleeve for a blood pressure reading. I almost fell off my chair in surprise. It was really low and he’s adjusted my meds to hopefully account for that. Who’d a thunk it? That finally fulfilling my dreams would impact my health in a good way.

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