Whinge Day

Suzie Eisfelder

I have this creeping suspicion that I’m over-committed. More over-committed than I should be. It’s leading to me dropping the ball some days. The most recent time was my blog for Wednesday.

This week has been rather interesting.

We launched the website for Nullus Anxietas 7: The Australian Discworld Convention. This meant a lot of work not just on my part but on the part of several other people. A small team has worked incredibly hard over the past week to get things up and running. But it’s now working and memberships are rolling in.

On top of that I’ve had three medical appointments this week. This means I’m going to be doing one of the worst medical diets in existence. If you think this is a challenge to share your diet then please do so in comments. Be aware I will challenge you on the medical part of it. Essentially I’m doing two elimination diets at once. I did the elimination diet for chemicals back in the late 1990s with absolutely zero resolution. The dietitian agreed with me that the problem was that the only fruits I was allowed were mango and pear. I love pear but they have lots of fructose and that seems to be one of my problems hence why the diet showed no results. In 2008 I was put on the FODMAP diet which focuses on a number of different sugars. I’ve seen an enormous improvement in my health but there are still issues and I want them resolved. The FODMAP diet was only codified in 2006 and there were a lot of things the experts didn’t have figured out when I was introduced in 2008. Anyone introduced to it now is advised to download the Monash University app which gives lots of useful information about the diet in general and then lots of specific information about individual foods and portion control. They’re also advised to do the elimination diet which means eliminating any food that is high or medium FODMAP to get rid of the symptoms and then to gradually challenge different foods to find their tolerance levels. What I’m saying is that I’ve never done the elimination diet for FODMAP despite being on it since 2008. I’m trying to find the healthiest me I can possibly find, bearing in mind I’ve never had a healthy day in my life, this is why I’m doing both diets at once. I don’t want the foods from one diet to cloud results from the other diet.

All of this is what made me not write on Wednesday. I only had two medical appointments that day, the dietitian has totally earned her money, I was with her over an hour and a half.

What does this have to do with books?

I’ve bought three books this week focussing on the chemical sensitivity diet. I may or may not share these books with you in the future, it just depends on how I feel.

I suspect I have photos of bookshops sitting on my computer waiting to be aired here. We were in Bendigo last year and I took photos of the bookshops there. I can’t remember if I’ve put them on my blog so I’ll check before I show everyone. But while we were in Bendigo we saw some lovely animals. I took videos and I’ll do my best to put them on Youtube.

I took a couple of photos vaguely related to books in Canberra. These will need sharing and talking about.

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