Suzie Eisfelder
August 3, 2016

Last night was an interesting evening.

I’m a member of several websites to do with freelancing. I rarely look at them and never click through the links on their emails. Last night was different and I did exactly that. I know, I know, never click on a link but I trust this website…or at least I trusted them more than I do now. The link said Create Listing Now and I clicked into it thinking I’d look and not finalise the listing. Wrong, wrong and brimming over with wrongability. Clicking through finalised the listing and all of a sudden phone calls started coming through on Skype, and before I knew it I had 50 offers on my listing. I’d had no chance to amend the details they put in there and I was in a total daze. I eventually found their Live Chat and they helped me cancel it but not before the first person on Skype had tried to ring me three times and connect as a friend.

40 minutes later I thought the whole thing was finished with and noticed Skype starting up again. This person was very persistent, trying to ring me twice more and connect again. I chatted in text format and was very firm saying I wasn’t looking for staff and that the listing was accidental. No, I never connected and didn’t take the call. I’ve now blocked them as they were very persistent and wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Yes, I used the word ‘no’ and synonyms! I hope it’s now over with but I’ll wait and see.

Yes, I complained about the link in their email.

The funny thing is I have no speakers on this computer. This person was ringing and there was no sound. I found out because I looked at the bottom of my screen and noticed numbers on my Skype icon. What fun!

Onto more exciting things.

I have a few book blogger friends, only a few mind you. I snuck onto some of their blogs last night and here’s a very small selection.

The Neverending Bookshelf has given an update of The Australia Women Writer’s Challenge. It seems to be going well. She’s read 46 out of her 50 books and reviewed 27 out of 40. Good stats happening there.

Nerdalicious has a way with blogs. There’s a bit of history, a bit of film and TV. Just have a look for yourself.

And while they’re not actually friends, they do books so they feel like friends. Orbit is hiring!

I’m finishing today with Book’dOut. She’s always got good reviews.

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