There are times…

Suzie Eisfelder

when I really wish I lived in the northern hemisphere. Things happen over there in the book world that either don’t happen here or they’re just bigger. I’m only jealous. If you’re wondering what I’m annoyed about now then you can wander over to your Twitter account and put #TheBookCon into the search engine there. It looks to be a fabulous book type convention with booths, photo booths and ever so much more. Pretty early on Monday morning and I’ve only just discovered it, as they’re now partially through Sunday’s events I suspect I have no chance of making it there. We need one closer to home!

In other matters, though.  I’ve just found this list of 10 Essential Offbeat Science Fiction Novels. The author has included one of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in her list but not the one everyone puts down in their lists, instead she’s included The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Also a good book but I feel Richard Adams was more practiced with the world.

Before I wander off I do have a question for you. What would you call an ‘official’ reading guide? Is it the one put together by the publishers? Or the one put together by an avid fan? I’m assuming here that the books are rather more complicated than say The Hunger Games trilogy so let’s assume, for example, that we’re looking at Isaac Asimov’s Robot books. I’ve noticed they seem to meander along many different paths but there are robots in there and pretty much all of them seem to be connected in some way.

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