Suzie Eisfelder

This shop came across my computer. I fell in love with it immediately and tracked down some contact details. I really wanted to feature it on Friday Photos. I hope to get there myself one day but events are making that rather challenging. Until then I have the photos here.

They’re a fairly niche shop, and if they didn’t have books I wouldn’t have contacted them. I’m sure you’ve figured out the niche by now. The top right photo is a series of magazines which look very enticing.

The middle right photo seems to have all the button badges I want. When things improve I’m really tempted to try and buy some to add to my collection.

The middle bottom photo is my favourite. I can’t really tell you why, but the moment I saw it I was glad they’d sent it to me.

You can find them here, or if you’re Texas then this address will help: 828 Airport Blvd. Austin, TX 78702. Check out the website as they’re only open certain hours.

Editing to add in a little note from the shop. I asked them to highlight something that they were particularly proud of. What I didn’t do was to ask them at the outset and they got a little busy. Their answer was this book:

It is called We Are Everywhere by Matthew Reimer & Leighton Brown. This is what the shop says about the book ‘It does a great job at bringing trans women’s and people of color’s contributions to the LGBTQ movement to the forefront and dispels the whitewashing of our history. It has some amazing historical photos and archival work that’s vital to preserving and evolving queer history.’

Whether you’re a bookseller or a reader I’m happy to feature your bookshop, or your favourite bookshop on Friday Photos. Please take a photo of the outside and three or four photos of displays within the shop. Go to the Submit Your Book page and email me the photos along with a few words about your shop. Answer a question to help me write a few words: What is your favourite thing about this shop? (Can be multiple things)

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