Second year uni

Suzie Eisfelder

As at the time of writing I am that close to finalising the last couple of assignments to complete second year uni it’s not funny.  One assignment I just need to make it look pretty and then submit. I should just bite the bullet and do it so I can call that one finished. The other assignment is a little further off. It’s a 2,000 word essay focusing on anthropocentrism and to say I’m struggling is a slight understatement. I have 1,550 words and as I need to have plus or minus ten per cent of the 2,000 words what I really need is a minimum of 250 words to be within coooee of finishing.

But it’s not just word count that makes an essay, it’s also whether it makes sense or whether it addresses the essay question. I’m not sure that what I have does actually address the question. It doesn’t go ‘hello question!’ and wave. And I’m sure it doesn’t make sense. According to the calendar I still have time to write the whole thing from scratch as it’s not due in till the 9th February. The reality is far different. The longer I don’t finish it the harder it gets and I find it getting even further from the question or even making sense. Although maybe that last bit is just me as I’ve read it so much.

Not only that but I have lots of other stuff to do that are nothing to do with uni. We’re trying to launch the website for the Seventh Australian Discworld Convention. Today I like the blue background you can see, some days I don’t. But we’re planning on changing it to something entirely different. And we’re changing the fonts and other things. Things are in progress but it won’t be going live today.  Once I’ve finished my essay and submitted I’ll be working on doing the other things such as ticket prices and any other changes I have the skills to do.

Then there’s housework and gardening, some of which has been sadly neglected, most especially the garden.

The last thing I need to do is get moving on my book. I’ve been researching and writing the history of my synagogue for a couple of years now. I keep being waylaid by little things such as uni but it’s getting to the point where I really need to do some heavy work on it. I’ve managed to squeeze in the odd hour or so and have 10,000 words but it just shows me how much research I still have to do and what I have to reread to remind myself of what still needs writing.

Today I will do what I can. We have people coming to dinner and the basic housework must be done. I can’t have people coming here before some of this stuff has actually been done. While I’m doing this physical stuff I’ll also mentally celebrate that I’m almost two thirds of the way through a degree at uni. I’d been wanting to be at uni for such a long, long time that I was always focused on just being there. It was something I never thought would happen but I’ve been there now for two years and I need to change my thoughts. Now I need to focus on finishing and getting some letters to put after my name. I won’t finish this year as I have one subject that can only be done in the first trimester and I don’t have the time this year. Instead I’ll do it next year and all being well that will be the final part of my degree.

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