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Suzie Eisfelder
June 14, 2017

My brilliantly aptly named new series continues. Where I randomly select two books from my shelves and attempt to find a link. I do not promise it will be a good link, only that it will be a link. It might be anything at all. One thing I do promise is that the link will not be due to the books both containing words such as ‘and’ or ‘the’, although having said that it’d be really awesome to now find two books totally missing both of those words.

The books I chose last week were Foiling the Dragon by Susan Price and First Channel by Jean Lorrah & Jacqueline Lichtenberg. Stay tuned to find out if I’ve actually got a link.

The Books

Foiling the Dragon by Susan Price. I scribbled a few words about this book back in 2015. I wasn’t overly enamored about it at the time and I’m surprised to find it still on my shelf. About a poet who is kidnapped and taken to a different world in order to rhyme for a dragon. If he doesn’t please the dragon he gets eaten.

Foiling the Dragon by Susan Price

First Channel by Jean Lorrah & Jacqueline Lichtenberg. This is part of a series I haven’t read for many years. Looking back I’m wondering if I need to reread it while bearing my university studies in mind. Essentially, it’s about humanity having mutated into two races. One generates a life-giving force while the other needs that to continue living. The taking of the life-giving force kills the donor.

First Channel by Jean Lorrah & Jacqueline Lichtenberg

The Link

When I pulled these books off the shelf last week I was very concerned as the only links could see at a quick glance involve them both being on my shelf or them both being fantasy. But thinking more about it I find they’re both about conflict resolution. How to take a conflict and resolve it in the best possible manner. In Foiling the Dragon the poet has to find a better way of dealing with the dragon. in First Channel they have to figure out a way of siphoning off the life-giving force without killing.

Next Week!

Next week but I’ll do my best or worst. We’ve got Against All Things Ending by Stephen Donaldson and Webster’s Dictionary of American Authors. At this stage I’d like to fast forward to the week after next and find someone lovely has hijacked my blog to write this entry. I thought I was challenged in previous weeks but this might by my undoing.

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