Pensive sitting

Suzie Eisfelder

I was going to write about the book I’ve just finished. Then I stopped and thought how I would normally write about what I’m doing next weekend. It’s a tradition of mine to write about the Australian Discworld Convention at some stage of the game, whether before or after. Today I’ve decided to write about it before.

This is going to be an awesome event. Running from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening there’s going to be something for every Discworld lover and much for people who don’t love Discworld. There will be panels, arts and crafts, discussions and klatches as well as Troll Bridge, the movie. People aged up to 5 get in free but they don’t get a con bag. There will be activities for the smaller people.

Every postal shop has souvenirs for sale and ours is no exception. We have a range of souvenirs to buy at the convention. I can’t guarantee we will make souvenirs available for sale on the website after the convention as it depends on how much people buy. It’s first come first served. If you want something specific and you can’t get there then you might want to delegate a friend with a ticket.

Ticket sales closed a few weeks ago, but never fear! You can still attend on the day of your choice and buy tickets with the magic of credit cards or Paypal. We’ll have weekend tickets or day passes available. Cosplay is acceptable, normal clothes are acceptable, what is not acceptable is no clothes! Please wear clothes of some description, we don’t want to get thrown out of the hotel.

So, come along. Enjoy the fun, the games, the frolics. Admire people’s skills with cosplay and my committee’s inventiveness. But above all, come and have some fun.

#GNU Terry Pratchett

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