Murrumbeena Park Bowls

Suzie Eisfelder

This week I was at the Murrumbeena Park Bowls in Gerald Street. I didn’t notice if the building was anything special and I’m kicking myself for not reading the names on the boards. Inside was quite nice with plenty of room.

As many people know I’m in the middle of researching the history of my synagogue with a view to writing a book. The Murrumbeena Park Bowls Club may not be integral to my research but it is within a short walk of where many of our founders lived. I should have looked at the names, there may be one or two of interest. The Bowls Club was founded only a few years after my Synagogue and it illustrates the burgeoning nature of the area. It was mostly rural or market gardens at that time but with the influx of refugees from the Holocaust in Europe it became quite settled. I think I need more details.

While I was talking to people there I noticed books. I’m sure there’s a reason I notice all the bookshelves around. Four short shelves covered with beautiful looking books…I’m not addicted…at first I thought it was a lending library. It was only when someone pointed out the tin with a price of $2 per book that I realised I could buy. I checked very carefully, since finishing my last book I have lots of books and papers I’m looking for. But that’s for another day.

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