More random thoughts and some random websites

Suzie Eisfelder

I’m trying to read a book so I can review it, strange thought that, the book is Dracula by Bram Stoker. I will be finished it in a few days but while you’re waiting I have to give you something to ponder on and so here’s another in my random series of random thoughts. I’ll give you a few websites as well just because they’re fun.

This is The Millions and this particular post is “Long Live Fiction: A Guide to Fiction Online”. As you might possibly have guessed I really like fiction, non-fiction can be good too, but I really like the flights of imagination that you can get with fiction and the more I do the more I find that fiction can be anywhere. Some can be really short as I discussed here while others can be much longer. See the blog for links as it’s quite good.

I’m sure you all got quite bored reading the lists I’d found and checking out which books I’d read and which I hadn’t. Anyway, here’s another one except I’m not going to annotate it as some of those books go way back for me and while I know the name and author there’s no way I’m going to remember whether I’ve actually read them.

Neil Gaiman blames Michael Moorcock here. If you’re a writer, who got you started? Neil Gaiman blames credits Michael Moorcock with starting him off on the road to stardom authorship.

I’m working on some upgrades to the website. They’re in the middle of happening, by someone else, a lovely person with skills I don’t have, and I’ve had to stop listing books until it’s finished. Hopefully this should only take a couple more days as my Mum is coming to dinner on Friday and I’ll have to move everything out of the dining room. I was complaining about this to some friends the other day and they were telling me how lucky I was as they had to transform their offices into a dining room for every meal. I want to continue complaining as they only have to move sewing stuff and a sewing machine while I have boxes of books but I suspect it’s about equal for the actual moving, it’s just they have to do it a lot more often.

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