I’m stepping back a little

Suzie Eisfelder

As you may know I’ve been over-committed for a while now. Last week I gave in and took a few days off the blog, it should have been more days. Instead of a week I should have taken two or even three weeks off to give myself time for my uni work. Things have not worked as planned and I’ve been struggling to blog this week.

So, to be a little more kind to myself I’m going to stop stressing about my self-imposed publishing time. I aim to publish on this blog three days a week at 10:15 am. I’ve done pretty well despite so many intrusions into my time. Having come back to my blog this week I’ve only managed that once. It’s stressing me out just a little more than is useful to my health. In order to reduce my stress I’m going to aim to publish at some time on the three days named. If possible it will be 10:15 am but I won’t stress if I can’t.

To make this article at least a little about books I’m going to talk about going into a bookshop today.

One of my three subjects at present is called Australian Literature. I picked it up late and so have been running hard to try and catch up. There are seven novels to read including My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin and Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas. I’ve just finished writing an article on My Brilliant Career (thank you Katelin and Robyn), here is the copy I bought (very expensive). While I prefer reading books in print, writing an essay using an ebook was fabulous for finding quotes. Doing a global search when I’ve forgotten anything more than one useful word was so speedy.

While I’m also studying Barracuda I don’t need to read it for another three weeks. I bought it today as I was near Benn’s Books. Walking in there knowing exactly what I wanted was quite nice.

  • I walked in
  • Identified where the book might be
  • Found it on the shelf in only a few seconds
  • Bought it
  • Walked out

It took almost as long to type those few, short sentences as it took me to do each action. I know they would have been very happy to have had me hang around browsing and then buying heaps of books but I decided to be very anal about not looking at any other book. I did contemplate my To Be Read Pile which is currently about two metres, still taller than me.

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