I think I’m back

Suzie Eisfelder

Hello and thank you all for your patience. I’ve not felt good about ignoring the blog for this long but it’s been a necessary thing to do. When a university subject (Website Design) decides to take a twelve week syllabus and squeeze it all into six weeks I find it challenging. I have managed to hit most of my deadlines for my assignments. For my first assignment I was hoping for between 50 and 60% to was quite happy with the 61% I received.

I submitted the last assignment for that subject on Saturday night in plenty of time for the nominated 11:59 pm closing time (11:42pm but at least it was better than my very first assignment last year which I submitted with three minutes to spare) and now I’m free for a given value of free. I am still studying another subject (Literary Ecologies) but I have no classes for that until the 9th January. With two assignments due in for this class on the 29th January and lots more reading to do I can’t relax completely but I now have time for the blog.

One of the problems I was having before I stopped blogging last month was that I had no more books to write about. I’d finished reading all the books on my pile and had no time thanks to my studies to sit down and read a book to write about. Not only that but I didn’t have time to read a book every single week. During my blogging hiatus I kept plodding along with my reading, managing to get through a few chapters/short stories every week. Somehow I managed to read four books during this time. Literary Ecologies has a heavy reading schedule, with six books down I’ve still got two and a half to go. It means I have plenty of books to scribble about starting from next Monday. Wednesday will be the first time for a while where I grab a book, pull out a paragraph and scribble words about it. There are also a number of topics to write about on Fridays. 

It’s that time of year. People get silly on the roads with all the emotion and the alcohol. I hope everyone is having, and will continue to have, a safe festive season.

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