Going through photos

Suzie Eisfelder

I’m going through photos to try and decide what to write about today. I’ve decided you’re going to get a random selection of photos.

First up is a picture I took in Adelaide. It was while on a break I took during the Sixth Australian Discworld Convention. We were in Westlakes and there was a shopping centre across the road. I took a break to find some pain killers and also decided I’d wander through the shopping centre looking for the Kmart. I figured there’s no way I could get lost there, it’s so much smaller than Chadstone. Brimming over with wrongness. Over an hour later having found what I was after and found the way out I got some food and took my pain killers. Yes, I had been lost. What a surprise.

QBD Books Westlakes

This next photo is one I took on our way to Adelaide. Silo art is starting to become a big thing in some country towns. It showcases the artist and is a great tourist attraction.

Silo art

I find it hard to get a good rainbow picture. This one just happened as I was waiting at the lights.

Double Rainbow

This was the number handed to me for my lunch one day during Writer’s Group. The restaurant is now closed and I’ve no idea where we’ll be meeting for the next few months but I have my number!


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