Ged Gillmore Author Interview

Suzie Eisfelder

Here is the author interview I mentioned yesterday.

Ged Gillmore is the author of the Bill Murdoch series of crime books, set in Sydney and the NSW Central Coast.

Originally intending the first book in the series, Headland, to be a stand alone crime novel, Ged was encouraged by rave reviews from around the world to write more books featuring Bill Murdoch ‘the world’s most reluctant private investigator’.

Base Nature, the third book in the series, is published this month.

Q:  What inspired you to write Headland?

A: I’ve always wanted to write a book that is both a novel about the human condition but also a real page turner. As a lover of crime fiction, it was easy to choose the genre (in fact, it chose me). Choosing the character was tougher, until Bill Murdoch appeared and I couldn’t let him go. I’ve always been fascinated by people who carve out a life for themselves that is very different from the one they were born into. Murdoch is the epitome of that.

Q: I’ve heard that readers also respond well to his sidekick, Davie Simms?

A: Yes, very much so. Which has been a bit of a surprise for me. I love Murdoch’s cynicism and his sour outlook – inevitable given his background I suppose. But what I hear from readers is how much they love Davie. Maybe nice guys finish first, after all?

Q: And why set the books on the Central Coast?

A: Firstly, because I’m in love with the place and it was easy for me to portray someone even as hard-nosed as Murdoch as being seduced by it. But also because it really is paradise – the beaches, the bush, the lifestyle – but populated by enough little devils to keep things interesting.

Q: Does being an Englishman in Australia give you a particular outlook?

A: Definitely. I think foreigners are always best placed to make observations about a country. I love Australia and have since the very first day I arrived. But there are still things about it which I see as puzzling. Having an Englishman as my main character allows me to point those things out. And having his sidekick as a true blue Aussie makes for some great dialogue opportunities.

Q: I hear you left the manuscript for Base Nature on a bus?

A: Yes! Every author’s worst nightmare. We’d lost connectivity and I was massively under the pump for deadlines so I carried my laptop into town. Unfortunately, I’m addicted to communicating with my readers via Instagram and other social media. So, when I got off the bus my hands and attention were full. It was only about twenty minutes later that I realised what had happened. Fortunately a very helpful taxi driver worked out where the bus had to be given the timings. He got it pretty much spot on and I was back on the bus almost an hour after getting off it.

Q: And I understand he’s coming to the launch of Base Nature?

A: The bus driver is. I’m asking Smooth FM – which was playing in the taxi during our bus chase – to put out a call and try to find the taxi driver. Cross fingers they respond.

Q: So, what’s next? Another Murdoch book?

A: Definitely. I’ve got the Murdoch / Davie bug now and have their whole futures planned out in my brain. But first I’m working on a stand alone spy thriller.

Q: You also wrote two Amazon best-selling children’s books (Cats On The Run and Cats Undercover). Do you have plans to write any more?

A: When I find the time! I have to get another Murdoch book out first. I can’t wait to show everyone what’s going to happen to Davie.

Q: Many thanks. And best of luck with Base Nature.

A: Thank you!

Base Nature launches at Berkelouw Books in Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW on Thursday 29th March at 6pm. The event is open to the public and Ged will be reading from the new book and signing copies. If you happen to be in Sydney I’d love for you to attend on my behalf and report back.

Headland, Class Act and Base Nature are all available online and at all good bookstores. In case you’ve been tantalised and want to buy Base Nature I’ve provided a link for you.

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