Friday Photos – Top Title Books

Suzie Eisfelder

Top Titles Books is almost opposite Thesaurus Books in Church Street, Brighton. You can visit one after the other and know you’ve had your book shopping experience. Top Titles books goes through to Dendy Plaza, or it did last time I was there. It was great to visit the cinema and get my book kicks at the same time. These photos were taken for me by my friend, Susan.

Lovely book display here. I have a love/hate relationship with the books kept outside wherever I am. They’re totally exposed to the weather and that worries me.
Besides the books there are two things I love in this photo. The air conditioner I’ve experienced in this shop during a hot day is in evidence, keeping the books well balanced. And the colours of the shelves are just glorious with the sun glinting off them.
A nice mix of books here. If I could read the labels on the shelves I might find these are the new release shelves. Then again, I might not. That book on the left looks suspiciously like a Hunger Games book.
Just a good overall shot of books. I’m in heaven.

Whether you’re a bookseller or a reader I’m happy to feature your bookshop, or your favourite bookshop on Friday Photos. Please take a photo of the outside and three or four photos of displays within the shop. Go to the Submit a Book page and email me the photos along with a few words about your shop. Answer a question to help me write a few words: What is your favourite thing about this shop? (Can be multiple things)

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