Friday Photos – Thesaurus Books

Suzie Eisfelder

Thanks to my friend Susan for these fabulous photos of Thesaurus Books at 29 Church Street, Brighton. I’m pretty sure I’ve been to this bookshop but not for a very long time. If you can’t go there personally, you can visit via their website.

An external photo so you know where you’re going. Just look at that gorgeous gum tree on the right!
Loved this product placement. You’ve got the plushy right near the books. You can buy both and make some little person very happy.
I’m sad to see a sign of the times. This red line indicates where you need to stand in order to be 1.5m away from the counter. Either that or it leads to Narnia, one of those.
I love the air conditioner in play here. You know your books are being well looked after.

You can see how deep this shop is. It’s not a small shop and this last photo shows the depth of the shop. It also has some fiction displayed prominently. What? You think Malcolm Turnbull’s book is non-fiction? I’ll leave you wondering about that one.

Whether you’re a bookseller or a reader I’m happy to feature your bookshop, or your favourite bookshop on Friday Photos. Please take a photo of the outside and three or four photos of displays within the shop. Go to the Submit a Book page and email me the photos along with a few words about your shop. Answer a question to help me write a few words: What is your favourite thing about this shop? (Can be multiple things)

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