Friday Photos – Bound Words

Suzie Eisfelder

I managed to take my own photos this week. I’d gone to the podiatrist. It was a rather interesting experience. I’d been told to wear a mask and that they could sell me one for $1. We have masks in stock so I took my own. It’s the first time I’ve worn a mask and I’d like a more fitted one that doesn’t let my breath brush up my face and into my glasses, they get all fogged up.

I waited until almost my appointment time, crossed to the shop and put my mask on. The podiatrist came to the door to let me in. Apparently it had been four years since my last visit, no wonder my feet were so uncomfortable.

After she’d finished and I’d paid I wandered the streets. I knew there were bookshops there and I thought I’d found two but the other one has been turned into a toyshop and they haven’t taken all the signs down.

Bound Words is a shop I’ve been into before. I had bought a couple of books from their tables outside and drooled over the rest. This time they weren’t even open so I took my photos through through window. I don’t think I know what people thought of me.

This photo above shows the tables which normally stand outside. They’re probably the same tables I bought books from last time I was there probably ten years ago. When you buy quality it lasts.

If you look past the counter area you can see a door. It’s not the door to Narnia, or even a door to L-Space, but a door to the back room where they have more books.

I loved this display in the window. The reflections make it hard to get a really good photo but I did my best. To get better photos I’d need to have some kind of shade behind me to block the light from behind me but not from the other directions. To get this one I used my body and I’m sort of short.

If you’d like to visit Bound Words I suggest you ring first just to check their opening hours. Their website says they’re not open on Sunday or Monday…I was there on Monday. To make it easy for you they are at 283 Hampton Street, Hampton and their phone number is 9521 6565.

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