Friday Photos – Avid Reader in Brisbane

Suzie Eisfelder

For my old column, Friday Photos, I emailed Avid Reader in Brisbane and asked for photos. I do prefer to use my own photos, but the travel is challenging at the moment. We’re not doing an overseas trip this year thanks for COVID19 and I can’t decide whether that’s a good thing or not. Yes, it means that I can’t stop at random bookshops and take photos, but it also means I get a lot done at home. I figured I’ve probably read about 2,000 pdf pages of research for my book since we went into self-isolation.

This is outside the shop. As you can see they’re civilised and have a cafe on site.
I love this front counter. You can see all the different things they have for sale to support your book habit. They’ve got lovely bags to carry multiple books, pencils and bookmarks. And you also have the new Famous Five books, love them or hate them, they’re waiting for you to look at them.
I reckon there’s a ghost in the shop. Every time I look at this image there’s someone else there. I’m sure there was no-one the first look, when I put it up here I find there’s someone else.
They’ve put Jack Kerouac and Albert Camus in the easy to read position. I’ve not read either of them. We do have On The Road by Jack Kerouac on our shelves. When my young cousin married their bonbonierre was rather special. Instead of parcelling up sugared almonds they bought a mound of books, labelled the inside of each one and left them for people to choose their own. We took On The Road, one day I’ll read it.
It’s always exciting to see what the staff have been reading. You never know which staff member is going to have the same reading habits as you.
And I always like to look at the table to see which books a shop is featuring. It’s also a lot easier on my neck. Ah, the joys of getting old.

If you’re in Brisbane you should go and have a look. You can peruse their website here. But you can find them at 193 Boundary Street, West End West End.

Whether you’re a bookseller or a reader I’m happy to feature your bookshop, or your favourite bookshop on Friday Photos. Please take a photo of the outside and three or four photos of displays within the shop. Go to the Submit a Book page and email me the photos along with a few words about your shop. Answer a question to help me write a few words: What is your favourite thing about this shop? (Can be multiple things)

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