Suzie Eisfelder

Continuing my regular Friday Photos of bookshops. I just love bookshops. They are full of books and also the most wonderful people. I would love to travel around and take photos of bookshops but due to lockdown this is just not possible. Instead I’ve been travelling the bookshops using the magic of email. I email and ask for photos and magically they appear in my Inbox. The staff have mostly been wonderful about replying and letting me into their stash of photos. I promised not to drool on the photos on this occasion. Drooling was warranted.

This photo of the outside of Ampersand is very inviting. I’d like nothing more than to wander in and have a nice cold beverage of something, or a hot beverage. I’m not fussed what really, just the idea of going in here…

In the photo underneath it you can see a fantastic use of architecture. I love the arch of bricks with the books casually nestling up to it. The shelves look as if they’re propping up the arch.

Out of the many photos I was given access to I just had to put in these two. You can’t see so well from the photo on the left as there is some cropping, but these inviting chairs are up some stairs. Lovely, warm colours inviting the browser to sink into them and read for a little. I was going to say it’s important to read a few pages to ensure you get the right book but I’ve also been looking at people with health issues that mean the can’t stand for long. These chairs would be invaluable for people like that.

And then there’s this corner shelf. There is always a corner shelf, but they’ve put in a lovely table with an inviting light. I’m repeating myself with the word inviting, but that’s what echoes through my mind with this shop. If you’re in Sydney you should pop in and have a browse. 78 Oxford Street, Paddington 2021, and their website.

Whether you’re a bookseller or a reader I’m happy to feature your bookshop, or your favourite bookshop on Friday Photos. Please take a photo of the outside and three or four photos of displays within the shop. Go to the Submit Your Book page and email me the photos along with a few words about your shop. Answer a question to help me write a few words: What is your favourite thing about this shop?

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