Suzie Eisfelder

Finally some details of our trip.

We left Melbourne on the 26th May with a brief, two hour, stop in Bangkok with enough time to find the gate for our next plane we then flew onto Frankfurt. Two days, three countries. We took the train from Frankfurt to Kempen (in the Rhineland) where we wandered around and found European SIM cards for our phones. We left Kempen  on the 30th May arriving in Amsterdam. Five days, four countries. Confused? Totally. I had no idea what day it was or where we were going next. I barely knew what country we were in, I kept reminding myself which city we were in. The reason I had no idea of our itinerary is because after our initial discussions I’d completely driving it from my mind in an effort to concentrate on getting everything done in time.

Just remember that I was trying to do all my uni assignments before the deadlines so everything could be submitted before we left. It meant that two of them were submitted a week early. On a side note, though. I got my results back and got decent marks for everything. As of now I have nineteen out of the twenty four units needed for my degree. This time next year I’ll be celebrating having completed my degree and will be looking toward graduating. Having turned my life around I now anticipate graduating, something that never really crossed my mind before.

On the 2nd June we abandoned the interesting Amsterdam for Antwerp. Two nights there then it was off to the picturesque Brugge for two nights, then Brussels for another two nights. On the 8th June we left Brussels getting off the train at Liège for lunch and a wander along their floral staircase before heading to Frankfurt for a 2Cellos concert. Doesn’t everyone take trains across Europe for a concert? It was awesome.

The next day we headed back to Luxembourg for two nights, then to Trier in Germany for three nights before making our way back to Frankfurt for our last two nights and then back home.

I admit to having been totally exhausted when I got on the first plane. I did almost nothing useful for the first week. I read a handful of pages, walked a lot, watched a lot of TV and did enough Facebook to make it look as if I was still at home. I had promised to read three books on the plane, the reality was that I didn’t even open the first one for the first week. The other two books haven’t even been opened yet and we’ve been home for two weeks. I always take too many books for a trip, that’s the way I plan my holidays.

I will write more about various parts of our trip over the coming weeks. I’m debating whether I’ll write about the various bookshops and libraries I’ve photographed or just put the photos up on Instagram. If you have thoughts on this point you’ll let me know.

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