Suzie Eisfelder

Finally and finally. I visited Dymocks in Tooronga some months ago. It was back in July when the weather was very cold and sitting in a chair reading put my feet in danger of freezing. I thought I’d lost the photos. I’ve had issues transferring photos from my phone to my computer. Managed to do this a month ago and finally this afternoon I found the right photos. For some reason it helps to look at the right date.

This first photo is a young author I saw many years ago before she was published. It was in passing, I don’t remember the experience and I doubt she does either. This is her third book. I look forward to watching her career trajectory with pleasure.

Eliza Henry Jones

Took this as a friend constantly recommends Patrick Rothfuss. He’s her favourite author.

Patrick Rothfuss

This is why I mentioned the weather. I do wonder if I should have bought a pair. I struggle with cold feet in winter, when I’m in front of my computer I stuff my feet into my USB footwarmer which helps somewhat.

Keep your feet Toastie!

And this was just a general display picture.

What I like about shopping in Tooronga is the history. It used to be a much more modest shopping centre with a drive in cinema in the carpark. We used to attend as a family when I was very young. My aunt had her unit facing the carpark. On a cold winter’s night we’d stand in the driveway and watch whatever movie was on. I remember seeing many bits of Herbie on the big screen. It was quite some time later that I managed to put sound to it when the movie was shown on the TV.

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