Dymocks, Bendigo

Suzie Eisfelder

This is the last you’ll see from me of my trip to Bendigo last October, unless you see me on Facebook. I have one more photo which doesn’t fit into any category so I’m putting there at some stage.

Dymocks is found inside a little shopping centre. If you pop inside the Bendigo Bank Central you’ll see this just sitting there looking inviting. This first photo shows you what I saw as I wandered around eating my ice cream (the ice cream I really didn’t need but enjoyed anyway).

A sort of external shot

I took this next photo through the window. I should be used to taking photos of bookshops by now but I still feel self-conscious, hence why I took this through the window. It could also have been due to me eating an ice cream and not wanting to take that into the shop.

Books for teens

I love looking at book lists and this is no exception. As I was able to actually take a photo indoors I promptly did so.

Their Top 101 on the 30th March 2017

I love travel books. The idea that someone has travelled and then written about the experience is really exciting to me.

Just some lovely travel books

It was after this I introduced myself to the staff and apologised for taking photos. Either they understood or they humoured me, I’m not sure which.

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