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Suzie Eisfelder

This is an article that was supposed to be published on the 17th November 2017. I have no idea why it didn’t happen but as it’s still relevant so I’m publishing today instead.

Today I had my first stint volunteering at the Small Press Network Conference. It happens every year and last year was my first volunteer stint there. I felt a fraud as I was still near the beginning of my uni degree, I wasn’t quite convinced about my writing and my back was very bad. Now I’m near the end of my second year, I’ve been published four times and my back is a lot better. I still feel a little bit of a fraud, only a little one cos I’m short. It was awesome! With lots more exclamation marks than that.

They seemed to have more volunteers available this year and I walked in to find there was nothing for me to do. In my normal fashion I found something to do. I remembered from last year how the soap ran out in the ladies’ toilet and asked questions about how we’d be able to fill it on Saturday when the cleaners were off-duty. The receptionist asked the cleaners to come in one extra time as it turns out there’s always someone on duty, even on the weekend. I then asked a similar question about the cold water for drinking, I now know how to replace the bottle. My immediate superior was very impressed with me for noticing these things but it wasn’t much. I spent most of my time opening and closing doors, I’m sure I smiled as well.

Anyway, I felt vaguely useful. And when I go in again today I intend to buy a book written by one of my uni lecturers from last year. Briohny Doyle taught me for three classes, I hope she survived the experience. Called The Island Will Sink you can buy it at Booktopia if you choose and give me a few cents towards my coffee fund. This book has been nominated for a Most Underrated Book Award. (Note from December, I forgot to buy the book.)

After that I intend to visit Dymocks. I have a few books to buy for uni and they’re having 20% off Dymocks Card Holders. Guess what I have? I do hope all the books are there.

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