Continuum is back!!!!

Suzie Eisfelder

Sorry for all the exclamation marks, I do know that Terry Pratchett felt that too many exclamation marks is the sure sign of a diseased mind, but I need them all, so much excitement. For me, this year looks to be the year when everything seems to be dropping back into normal.

I understand that normal for me is someone else’s deranged year, but I’ve really wanted normality. The mini-cons are coming back. Not only coming back, but libraries are realising how good they are and as the word spreads, more and more libraries are coming on board. I should try and do a video at a mini-con so you get the idea of how much fun they are. Not only the mini-cons, but also Continuum and Nullus Anxietas. Both of these have been in hiatus since 2019. It’s really hard starting a convention from scratch, but to have to restart it after such a long hiatus is even more of a challenge. You’ve no idea if people will buy tickets and no idea if you’ll have enough programming. Both teams have risen to the challenge.

Last weekend was Continuum. As normal, I didn’t tell anyone until after it was over and I’d had all the fun. I’ve already had one person tell me off as he would have loved to join the fun. And it was certainly fun.

With four streams choc-a-block with goodies it was often a challenge to choose just one thing at each session. Sometimes I compromised by going to nothing and spent the entire session wandering around the Dealer’s Room talking to authors.

What I didn’t attend any of were the Guest of Honour speeches. I didn’t know of these people and had to make a decision somehow. What I did do was to attend some things that looked like they might be low on attendees. I was right on the money with two of them as there was myself and one other at each of them. They were still great and I found myself wanting the anthology the author was selling. Because of her health she finds she uses three different interfaces for her writing: pen and paper; computer and; speaking out loud. I really need to find out how this works for the final product. I’ve tried all three at different times and find writing directly to computer is what works best for me.

There were a number of friends I had to catch up with, sometimes to the detriment of me attending sessions, but them’s the breaks. I’ll have the same problem when I attend Nullus Anxietas in July. But there I’ll have at least a ten-fold increase in the number of friends compared to Continuum.

I took zero photos, and zero videos. I’ll have to make a video for YouTube to show off my new loot. I’d like to say I was restrained with earrings and didn’t buy any, but there weren’t any that took my fancy. I bought sixteen books and one DVD. About the same numbers as for the Book Fair Australia in October last year.

Anyway. Is your year starting to look normal? Are you attending any book related events? Tell me below, I’d love to know.

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