Click and Collect at the library

Suzie Eisfelder

I finally did a Click and Collect at the library the other day. Now that Melbourne is out of lockdown and vastly reducing our restrictions I’m finally borrowing a book from the library. It makes no sense to have left it so long until you see the state of my TBR Pile. I’ve made huge inroads into it but I’ve also added. You can look at my latest video if you want, I’ve just filmed it, but I kept it short.

Scrolling through my feed I noticed a Youtube review of a book. I clicked through to watch the very short video.

I’ve had this book in my hands before but I didn’t look at it then. My current task is to scan in the archives of my synagogue. Moorabbin is mentioned a lot as our building was originally in the City of Moorabbin before they changed the boundaries and made Glen Eira and Kingston swallow up Moorabbin. I’m not sure if this book will give me any information but it gave me the excuse of doing a Click and Collect at the library. What I’m hoping for is some detailed information about the year the Moorabbin Town Hall was finished. We hired it for our High Holy Day Services in the very first year; there is a chance this was the first time it had been hired out. I’d love to find out even if I don’t put that in my book.

Doing Click and Collect at the library wasn’t completely without hitches for me. I found the book quite easily in their online catalogue, and even signed in! The fun began when I clicked on the Reservation button. Apparently my card was out of date. I had to ring the library and speak to an actual person so they could update my card before I could borrow anything. Speaking to a person ironed out the kinks and it went smoothly after that.

Several days later I was resting my back in bed and I’d dozed off. Thank goodness the phone was next to my head, otherwise I might have missed the phone call. It was the library offering me a time for Click and Collect. The man expected me to know the system, I had to explain it was my first time and I didn’t have a clue what to do. He walked me through the system and offered me several pick up times. I chose the first available of 4pm. That caused a prompt rush to get out of bed and out of the house. 4pm was only ten minutes from the time of the phone call! Anyway, they give me a fifteen minute window so I had plenty of time. I think they’re trying to stagger people so that only one family rocks up at a time.

I get to the door of the library and find lots of notices on the door. I followed the instructions which included scanning in the QR code and pressing the door bell. A man came to the door, opened it and gave me my book. They were well organised with a table just inside the door covered with the books that were due to be picked up. My book is large so that gave them lots of space for other people.

I have the normal three weeks in which to read and return the book. I should be able to manage that…it’s got lots of photos!

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