Brief holiday

Suzie Eisfelder

I still haven’t finished my book. Last week my brain was fried and I couldn’t find anything to write about. This week I’m that much closer to finishing my book. I’ll write about it next week whether I finish or not, I feel you’ve all been very patient. We managed a small getaway, only four days only about forty minutes from home, but it’s made a world of difference. Today I’m going to write a little bit about where we went. It’s in one of the most beautiful parts of Melbourne (I kept thinking we’d left Melbourne, but we really didn’t).

We stayed in a lovely little cottage near Sherbrooke Forest. We’ve been to Clarendon Cottages several times, but this time was better. It’s a lovely little standalone cottage and they’ve improved their standards so I felt quite spoilt. They had chickens in their garden, not far from our cottage and left some of their eggs for us in the fridge, along with a number of other goodies. Looking at the spa made me consider filling it up but the opportunity didn’t arise. I normally don’t even consider it, I’ve been through too many droughts, but this year our water levels are looking incredibly healthy and a spa didn’t seem such a luxury as it normally does.

The scenery in Sherbrooke Forest is quite stunning. I can’t illustrate this with a photo as I didn’t get one. I took lots of photos of flowers and some birds. We have some stunning birds. Sadly, there were no lyrebirds on this trip. I might have seen one in the distance while I sat in the cottage but I wasn’t certain, it might have been wishful thinking. I’ll be sharing them on my Facebook page and also Instagram over a period. The cottages had bird feeders for each cottage and gave us some bird seed. The birds know this and some of them will cling to the wire door and chirp ‘feed me’. We obliged.

I found the bookshop. What else would I find? It was a drisserable day and I’d forgotten my rain jacket. Ignore the fact that the rain jacket doesn’t fit me any more, but it would have helped somewhat. Through the Looking Glass is a wonderful book shop. It even has a wardrobe you can walk through.

I hope everyone manages to get the break they need and comes home feeling refreshed.

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