Book Now, Bendigo

Suzie Eisfelder

Last October we took a brief visit to Bendigo. Naturally I insisted on looking at the bookshops available. We found two of them, one pre-loved and the other a Dymocks. This is the one choco-a-block with pre-loved books.

This first photo is the outside of the shop. You can see it’s a lovely building and freestanding. It’s diagonally opposite the place I stood to take the video of the flying foxes, the one I unveiled last week.

The external beauty of Book Now, Bendigo

This is just a general view of the inside. You can see it has a very nice ceiling, that is not quite possible for me to touch even though it looks possible in this photo. You can see the shelves upstairs, I was up there but the shelves go above my reach. If I’d wanted anything from the top shelves I would have had to ask someone taller than me. It’s almost like the maze a friend suggest I should do in my house by using more bookshelves. There are nooks and crannies everywhere.

Internal shot of Book Now, Bendigo

I took this photo with some Terry Pratchett books and shared it to the Victorian Discworld Klatch group on Facebook.

Some Terry Pratchett

I loved these vet books so I took a photo for you. That big one in the middle by James Herriot was very tempting to me but I had to remind myself I already have some of these in paperback. Then there’s the green one to its left but I might have that already. I promise I’m not obsessed by James Herriot.

Vet books

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