Antwerp 2018

Suzie Eisfelder

Antwerp was an amazing city. We stayed in one of the city squares. The railway station took up part of one end with the entrance to the zoo a pebble’s throw from there on the corner of the square. There was also a ferris wheel and a gorilla statue. On another side was the Koningin Elisabethzaal or the music hall. We were very fortunate, in the two nights we were there they had a lovely concert for which we were able to get tickets. I totally enjoyed the cellos getting top billing for this concert, they were very good. On the same day Bryn Terfel was also singing but those tickets were sold out so we didn’t get to see him. Our tickets included a pastry before the concert, I thought that was very civilised but don’t ask me what happens if you’re coeliac.

Antwerp does a big trade in diamonds. We wandered around on a Saturday afternoon and found many of the diamond shops closed as it was the Jewish Sabbath and being religious Jews they’re not going to work. Some were open and I was able to fulfil that part of me that loves looking at jewellery, I never buy as I never wear jewellery but I do love to look. I had my first reminder that Tintin was published in Belgium with this photo.

Tintin in Antwerp

You knew I’d get a book reference in there somewhere. We found the bookshop in Brussels but for the moment here’s an affiliate link so you can feast your eyes on the beauty of the books.

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