Alone, Cold, and Hopeless

by Chris Perridas In Horror tales, one of the most desolate of tales is sheer hopelessness. The condition of loneliness drives people to acts of insanity and desperation. “Why did he commit suicide”, we shake our heads in wonder. “Why does she put up with that abuse,” we wag our tongues. The ultimate imprisonment is […]

I Am Legend – Richard Matheson

This book was originally published in 1954 and is a scary thought of what could happen given the technology available to us now. Robert Neville may well be the only survivor of an incurable plague that has mutated every other man, woman and child into bloodthirsty, nocturnal creature who are determined to destroy him. The […]

Squid Ink – The Ragwitch

Squid Ink is reading Australian authors at the moment and the first in this series is The Ragwitch by Garth Nix. It’s young adult horror/fantasy. It is told from two different points of view, Julia and her brother Paul. They both end up in another world fighting The Ragwitch.

Borderlands Issue Ten

This is the book that caused so much consternation when I used it for Teaser Tuesday. It’s an anthology of Australian fantasy, science fiction and horror. This is the final issue and if it’s anything to go by the rest of them must have been absolutely fantastic. It is a selection of top notch short […]

Flashspec Volume Two edited by Neil Cladingboel

This is a lovely collection of fiction, the beauty of this is that each story is under 750 words so if you’re short of time and still want to read you can just take it one story at a time. I didn’t but maybe I should have as each story is very complete and generally […]

Best Kept Secrets of Australian Horror

I went into this topic at AussieCon 4 with preconceptions about horror only to have them totally overturned. The panel was composed of Lucy Sussex, Marty Young, Stewart Mayne and Kyla Ward. I assumed I knew what horror was and that I’d never read any before Stephen King so I was incredibly surprised when one […]

Frankenstein Meets Dracula

I was planning on writing more about AussieCon 4 as I still have stacks I wanted to say about the whole event but I went to school play last night and was so pleased with it I’m going to tell you all. Put on by the years 3 – 7 of the King David School […]

Dracula, Squid Ink style

There have been many books and movies written about Dracula, but the best books are the original which I’ve scribbled a few words here about and Dracula – The Un-Dead written by a descendent of Bram Stoker, you can find the few words I’ve written here. Here is the Squid Ink version.

The Enemy – Charlie Higson

Before I head into writing a few words about this book I feel you deserve to know why I haven’t been writing much lately. I’m having the odd trouble with my website and have been spending a lot of time trying to fix it up behind the scenes to ensure customers don’t have any problems […]