We discussed slang in English Language yesterday and I found it so interesting I decided I had to write about it. Slang is something that’s really hard to define. I know there are definitions in dictionaries and you can google the word and come up with many definitions some of which actually agree with each other. […]

Possibly interesting…

Browsing my blogs and the web last night had me finding some potentially interesting things, not sure what to use them for or how it’d be possible to link them all in a story but that’s not my problem I only put these things out there. Let’s start with a bit of Star Wars on […]

Morphing English

I’m sure I’ve discussed this before but English is a mongrel language and morphs as the times change. The word gay used to mean happy and if I read any stories written before the 1970s I stop and think about this word to ensure I get the right meaning. I’m also really annoyed at gays […]

Judging spelling and grammar not cool

You can always sucker me in with a good discussion about grammar and spelling so when someone directed me to MamaMia I was over there in a flash, reading it took rather much longer as I was interrupted by dinner and my #ausallergy Twitter chat. I finally finished and checked out the links in the comments […]


I cannot believe they thought this response was appropriate.  By now I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Gasp Jeans Debacle.  Just in case you haven’t here is the link to the article, it has links to the original email and their response.  Summarising the whole event though would make it easier for you.  A […]

English our mongrel language

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking out loud about English on the Pre-loved Books @ Suz’s Space Facebook Fan page. I don’t pretend to be interesting all the time as it’s just various things I’m thinking about and notice in my travels. Sometimes it’s things I’ve pulled out of one of my many books […]

Kids, speech and learning

This is not a high-browed discussion on kids and how they learn to speak and how they learn grammar, it’s just going to be an observation. I was having lunch with some friends yesterday, the hostess’ two kids were there and the two-year-old was enamoured with me, she just couldn’t get enough of being around […]