Here’s the rules

As with most book bloggers I am volunteering my time and not being paid, therefore I appreciate you treating me with courtesy and not insisting I read a book that day, give me a decent deadline and it may get done by then.

Some things you need to be aware of when sending books to me for reviewing.

I don’t do romance. If that’s what you have then I suggest you travel directly to Book Bloggers Australia where you’ll find people much more interested in these types of books than me.

While I’m always honoured to be approached by new authors or self-published authors, my time is becoming more and more limited. This means I no longer plow through every book, if it doesn’t engage me I put it away.

I will endeavour to email you with problems whether I finish the book or not. Please look at it as constructive criticism and try to do some more work on it before bringing it back to me. As I’m not being paid for this I will not treat this as an editor would and give you full and complete feedback. An editor would charge you several hundred dollars, so anything I provide you for free will only be a brief overview.

Three things that need to happen before sending a book off for review. It needs a structural edit, line edit and a proofread and all of this after you’ve done several edits yourself and a proofread.

I know this makes it expensive but it’s best if editing and proofreading are outsourced as these things are hard for an author to do, you’re just too close to the work and stop seeing problems with it. It’s why I find someone to look at my own creative writing.

While I prefer to read a physical book I like to make this as cheap for the author/publisher/marketer as possible and therefore will be happy to have your book in eform. As I use my iPad I can accept any format you wish.

Please provide the following with your request for review:

  • A good synopsis
  • Genre
  • Head and shoulders photo of the author
  • Cover photo
  • Author’s website
  • Social media links
  • Links to buy the book
  • Launch date

Ensure you check and respond to your emails in good time. There are only a handful of reasons you might not reply to your emails within a couple of days, marriage is only one of them. Also, it’s professional to reply to correspondence quickly.

If we do a giveaway or a competition together you are expected to pay postage to the winner. Why? Because I make no money on this blog and it’s unfair to expect me to shell out money when I’m doing this for free. I do wonder at what point book bloggers will actually start to receive payment. Many other bloggers often receive payment for their writing and for hosting competitions, even they don’t pay postage to the winners.