Tomorrow When the War Began – The Movie

Now, I’m sure some of you already knew that work has begun on transforming John Marsden’s book Tomorrow When the War Began into a movie, but I’ve just found out. I read on IMDB that they announced the casting of Caitlin Stasey as Ellie Linton, the central character of the books. They announced back in […]

John Carter of Mars

It’s interesting how the future can hang on a decision. I was recently in email conversation with the fabulous Jody Lynn Nye and she mentioned John Carter of Mars had been close to becoming animation back in 1936. The animator at the time was Bob Clampett and you can find some footage hereof his early […]

Working From Home part 2

I’m sure you’re getting a bit sick of book lists by now. I will continue in due course, but this blog is going to be a bit of a ramble with books involved somehow. The heading is promising and I’m going to give one of the good points of working from home. The weather in […]

The Angus and Robertson Book List

This is getting more and more interesting. I’d labelled this book list Australian but neglected to link it anywhere so I had to go back to Google to find it. I found other lists as well as this one so the next list I put up will be Australian, just for a change. Having found […]

100 Most Influential Books Ever Written

Other Great Books Lists 100 Most Influential Books Ever Written By Martin Seymour Smith This list is fascinating. I was stunned to discover I’ve actually read two of them. I’ve read bits and pieces of some and there are some books here that few people have read cover to cover. This would be a good […]

100 Favorite Children’s Books

This lovely list was published by the The New York Public Library on their Recommended Reading List. I’ve marked the ones I’ve read in bold. My total is 6 books out of 100. Some of these I have for sale and I’ve linked to the listing if you’re interested in buying them. I recognise many […]

100 Top Book lists

I’m going to spend a bit of time going over some book lists. I came across one on Facebook, completed it and was looking at other people’s anwers only to discover some of them were looking at different lists. It turns out there are lots of different lists. Some are Australian, some are from the […]

Working from home

There are good things and bad things about working from home. I’ve had occasion to feel grateful and annoyed about it all the one week. This past week I’ve been unwell, it’s just a common or garden virus but never-the-less I had to take some time off to recover. This week my mother came to […]

More pre-teens to early teens books

Altar of Shulaani – Margaret Pearce This is a corker of a science fiction book. It rattles along at a great pace and I had great trouble taking my eyes off the page. The cover bills it as a science fiction adventure and it’s certainly that. With mentions of space travel and episodes of time […]

The Diddakoi – Rumer Godden

I remember Rumer Godden from my childhood. The one I remember the most is An Episode of Sparrows but I always knew she was a wonderful writer. She wrote a number of fabulous books some of which were co-authored with her sister, Jon Godden. She was born Margaret Rumer Godden and wrote under her pen […]